Intuitive Counseling

I like to say that I was KICKED into spirituality or self-awareness from a lifetime of self-sabotage, guilting, minimiZing and shaming myself.

At my crossroads, it was as if the universe presented me the choice of 1) continuing with a familiar painful life that was no longer bringing me happiness but rather was destroying my relationships, my work and most notably, my self-worth or 2) giving up the life I knew, the person I knew myself as, and confronting my deepest, darkest fears, to hopefully create a life and a person that was more resilient and radiant than the woman I left behind. Having the courage to look within and explore the seemingly, scary unknown, triggered an awakening that brought more peace, balance and bliss, than I could have ever imagined. Since that moment, I’ve wanted everyone to experience that sense of liberation and empowerment for themselves.

All my mentorship packages below include:

  • Initial 90-minute breakthrough call
  • 3 individual sessions per month*
  • Choice of 1 distance reiki/energy session or 1-2 workshops per month**
  • Ongoing email/text or Facebook support
  • Written/video lessons and online modules

Practitioner: Susan Stephens

Individual session = 300+tax (2hrs)

1+ month mentorship package - $1500+tax (5 weeks)

3 month mentorship package - $3600+tax (12 weeks)

6 month mentorship package - $6800+tax (26 weeks)

Breakdown to Breakthrough Program = $4500+tax

(9 sessions, 9 modules & full day inner healing workshop & cooking class)

*modalities (with myself or other practitioners) include reiki, intuitive coaching, nutrition consults/live blood analysis, hair mineral analysis, distance reiki, meditation, breathwork, journey/ascension work, numerology and past life sessions

*possible workshops include: "How to Heal Yourself", "Breathwork & Energetic Alignment", "Conscious Communication", "Radical Self-Acceptance" and more...

There are many who would benefit from Intuitive Counseling, including those that experience:

  • The longing for something more
  • Unfulfilled expectations
  • Grief, depression or sadness
  • Feelings of low self-worth, abandonment or rejection
  • Stressful living
  • Anxiety, fears and phobias
  • Repeating destructive habits or addictions
  • Mental health issues or trauma
  • Sexual abuse
  • Quest for personal growth and overcoming limitations
  • Body image issues and dieting
  • Life changes (work, divorce, death)

Awareness is to have consciousness over ones emotions, thoughts and feelings and to recognize oneself as the observer of these. In being aware, one can see the origin of their own suffering and when seeing clearly, negative patterns fall away. Awareness helps you KNOW yourself.

Therapeutic methods and areas of focus include:

  • Developing presence and awareness
  • Coping skills and harm reduction with addiction
  • Voice dialoguing and role-play
  • Identification of needs and moment to moment self-expression
  • Inner child work
  • Understanding your archetypes
  • Embracing your shadow-self to cultivate self-acceptance and love.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Meditation
  • The importance of nutrition exercise in well-being
  • Reiki/Energy Work
  • Chakra balancing
  • Experiential Intuitive Counseling
  • Identifying EGO, voice recognition therapy, separating EGO from SELF
  • Working with fear and guilt
  • Knowing when to surrender when to step up
  • Developing empowering habits and work-life balance
  • Discovering resentments and working towards forgiveness
  • Support groups
  • Resolving issues with parents – family sculpting
  • Breathwork
  • Taking personal responsibility and overcoming blame
  • The Work (questioning beliefs/story)
  • Boundary setting to establish self-worth

Come and work symbiotically with me to explore your authentic radiant self and true nature.

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